People tell about us

Gregory Mitchel

“They’re easy to deal with…

I’ve been using Sunnys Dry Cleaners for well over a year now — they’re easy to deal with and I love my laundry. Their Dry Cleaning service is efficient and my laundry is consistently nice when it comes back – clean and nicely folded with some items on hangers. (I’ve also specified only unscented products and my laundry has always come back scent-free.) Thanks for a great service!”

Gregory Mitchel / Yellow Page Review

Sarah Valetta

“Best in the University Area

I have tried a ton of drycleaners in the university area and this one is, by far, the best for the money.

Very clean and good customer service!! Staff approached me to show me how everything works and I will be returning here for future cleaning for my laundry . . It’s not like others I have been to recently that I would refer to as a hole in a wall kind of place . . This place is nice!”

Sarah Valetta / Yelp Review

Lisa Steves

“Amazing! Everything is SUPER SUPER clean and very good prices!!! .

My first trip to the Sunny Dry Cleaners ever went really well. Our washer at home broke so I had at least 5 loads of laundry to do. I wasn’t sure which machine was the washer & which was the dryer & the difference between the different sized ones there. Right away a guy working there pointed me to the large washers so I only had 2 loads instead of 5. Then I was able to dry all of my laundry in one Jumbo dryer. It cost about $14 overall, but I didn’t mind paying because it was much faster doing all at once than letting it pile up for many loads later. Also it was a clean facility and everyone was friendly. Not a creepy place at all. Just wished they had wi-fi.”

Lisa Steves / Google review

Ryan L

“Very professional, reasonably priced fluff and fold service.

To be honest, I was really surprised there weren’t more dry cleaning businesses around my area. The closest review of one was a good 2 miles away. Kind of odd…I did some research and found this place that nobody has apparently reviewed or cared to review.

Quick service and my suit looked good. No burn marks or smell to my clothing. They have drive-through service for the busy mom or dad. It’s a mom and pop shop and they do tailoring and alterations on the side. No complaints from me.”

Ryan L /Google Review